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We believe that navigating ambiguity is an essential ability in creative work. Our students face a world that is complex and in flux. Equipping students to navigate ambiguity is the most essential thing we do.

Navigating Ambiguity

Design is all about Navigating Ambiguity. When we give our students complex, open-ended, real-world challenges, they must both uncover and identify meaningful “problems” to solve, as well as figure out how to solve them in innovative ways.

The core ability that allows students to do this is Navigating Ambiguity (read about the other design abilities). This ability of thriving in a messy world of parallel possibilities equips learners to both discern and creatively solve complex human challenges. Ultimately, students learn to lean into ambiguity (rather than fear it), because they come to see it as an opportunity.

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Ambiguous terrain takes exploration to understand. Explore by playing with the filters below to find resources that will help guide you (and those you teach or lead) on your journey navigating ambiguity. You’ll discover resources that come from both outside and inside the, and have been designed and/or submitted by different folks within our teaching community, students, and broader network. We've designed each resource page so that you can read about what we’ve tried, riff on the content to make it your own, and then share it with others.